Monday, July 19, 2010


This past weekend, Brian and I joined Maggie and her boyfriend John in Mass for the highly-anticipated Brimfield Antiques Show (!!!). Barely out of Philly, Brian and I were rear-ended and our car (we now know) was totaled. But, we didn't let that spoil our fun. We got us a rental and off we went ...

The four of us stayed in an adorable little cabin on the Holland Reservoir just about 5 miles from Brimfield. Gorgeous water, friendly neighbors, star-filled skies. We swam and BBQed, but most importantly we SHOPPED the fleas!

I'll be posting some of my finds soon, but first I wanted to share some pictures I took with my lovely model Maggie of some beautiful pieces I've been holding onto for the shop. The setting was perfect - the wood pile and the ax, the swampy little pond and the late afternoon sunshine trickling through the trees. Consider this my Summer 2010 Collection ... Coming soon!

Maggie and I also had our first ever twin photo shoot in our favorite red summer dresses. We were channeling the little girls from our blog banner photo, can't you tell?

On Maggie:
Dress - TJ Max
Sandals - Anthropologie

On Sarah:
Dress - Ebay France
Belt - Thrifted
Socks - J. Crew
Oxfords - Dear Golden
Wood Bead Necklace - BRIMFIELD!!!

More Brimfield finds from both twins soon!


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  1. Would it be redundant to say...
    WE RULE?!
    AB FAB post! You really have the face of an angel! Bless the rare moments we spend together doing what we really love. Start of a tradition:)