Friday, January 10, 2014

The Shirt Off Your Back: Rock and Roll History told by Vintage Concert T Shirts

The Bad Twin Vintage is proud to bring to the public a HUGE collection of rare, never been washed, never been worn, collectible, concert tour t shirts from The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. 

So far listing these t shirts has been an amazing lesson in rock and roll history and I have about 85 more to go. Click the pictures for links to their listings at Bad Twin Vintage. 

 Did you know that Tim Curry, after a long successful run with Rocky Horror Picture Show, tried his hand as a recording artist and released two albums in the late 70's? 

This t shirt is from one of those tours. The back reads 'Behaving Badly' a sentiment that is right up The Bad Twin's alley! 

This one will blow your mind. Did you know that Tim Curry played Pennywise the clown in Steven King's TV series 'IT'? I must have been too scared to see this funny man behind all that make up. 

 This tee is of a band that I had never heard of but was excited to find out who they were, wouldn't you?

Root Boy Slim and The Sex Change Band with the Rootettes, got a recording contract out of a song called 'Christmas at Kmart.' Please, please, please go listen to this song, it's priceless! Check out one of their other 'famous' songs 'I'm not too old for you', 'Boogie Till You Puke', and '(You Broke My) Mood Ring.'

The front of this t shirt is just as interesting, It's from the 10th anniversary of WBCN Boston's premier rock and roll radio station. Bill Lichtenstein is currently co-producing a documentary of this era with the fans themselves who have turned over both their stories and memorabilia. Stay tuned it's called 'American Revolution.'

This is from a real local legend, Luna.

The band was originally named Orchestra Luna and they released one album on CBS Records and were part of a historical era of not only Boston but also rock and roll.

The third incarnation of this band was called, Luna. In 1978 they released the single 'Hooray for Hollywood' and the lead singer Rick Kinscherf changed his name to Rick Berlin.

Rick Berlin is an integral part of my community; he's the best damn waitress at Doyles Cafe, a co-creator of the Jamaica Plain Music Festival and continues to keep us entertained with his current project 'The Nickle and Dime Band.'

Doooot doo weeeoooo AHHHHH!

Minnie Riperton cooed us all with her famous voice in the song 'Loving You.'

She also used her voice as a crusader. Minnie was an unabashed survivor of breast cancer, she embarked on a campaign to inform women on the benefits of early detection and was nationally recognized for her efforts.

She continued to tour through all of this, returning to the studio to record her final album, 'Minnie'. On this album are appearances by Stevie Wonder (El Toro Negro) and her children Marc and Maya (Maya Rudolf from SNL).

The Joe Perry Project formed before the famous split from Aerosmith. The tour manager presented him with an 80,000 room service bill and he decided a side project would be the best way to pay his debt. This t shirt predates the JPP logo that appeared on his first album  and I believe it was designed by Joe himself. Do you see the revolver/horse images at the top? Both have a deep personal connection to Joe. He has had a lifelong interest in American weapon culture and is a gun collector. He raises horses at his home in Vermont. 

'Blondie is a Group' was a campaign created by Blondie themselves to educate fans that Blondie was not Debbie Harry's name. In fact at the time she wished to be called Deborah Harry. What a punk!
This tee is also a promotional WBCN tee for their 10th Anniversary. Just click the picture for the link to the listing.

The lead singer of the Good Rats played air guitar on a baseball bat when performing. 
They also threw out plastic rats into the audience!
The listing of this t shirt will include an authentic 'Good Rats' plastic rat collected at The Paradise Rock Club over 30 years ago. 

So many more shirts coming soon, again click the pictures for a link to the listings, and after I'm done I'll move on to listing buttons, tour jackets and bar memorabilia. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tonight's the Night: Bunny and Clyde do Key and Peele, Comedy Central and LA!

Tonight these lively animals make their debut on national TV. My erotic plush mascots, Bunny and Clyde, are set to appear on The Key and Peele Show, Comedy Central @ 10:30 PM, November 20th, 2013.

(Season 3, Episode 10) 
The tail of these two bunnies begins when Key and Peele's prop manager, Angela, requested that this handmade plush rabbit duo undergo some serious alterations to appear on television. She was right, their former white fur would not be ideal on camera. With Angela on the phone we chose a fabric suitable to show their better side, a chocolaty brown with an intimate underside in red roses. 

As soon as they were out of the box they were out on the town. I got pics of them humping all over LA, on the set and in the office. Bunny and Clyde got off on all the attention, already stuffed, they had no need for a fluffer. 


Angela knew that once Key and Peele caught a glimpse of Bunny and Clyde that they would go crazy for them. She was right, Jordan Peele posted this fur, on fur, on fur pic on his instagram. He took the words right out of my mouth, "unbelievable." 

Angela, Key and Peele thank you for adopting these racy rabbits and giving them a platform to do what they do best. They seem to be very comfortable in your office - -  Bunny and Clyde's money shot! 

This screen shot is from the first episode this season, it was a recap of last season and teasers for this season Look who's made it, while they're making it, Bunny and Clyde (back left). 

Keep your eyes peeled for these brazen humpers in the "Samuel and Lashawn" skit tonight on Comedy Central @ 10:30 PM and then get your own Bunny and Clyde! They're open to personal preferences and can be positioned in any way imaginable. Stray from that registry! Shock the bachelor/bachelorette party! A perfect gift for that couple who can't keep their hands off of each other. 

Give the gift of love. They're not shy - so why should you be!?

X O X O X 
T H E   B A D   T W I N

Stay tuned! The Bad Twin's Erotic Plush is honored to be invited to participate in Ellen Schinderman's "Stitch Fetish" at The Hive. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bad Twin Vintage Bargains ON SALE NOW

That's me. 

The Bad Twin. 

I'm celebrating!

 It's my Etsy anniversary and I've finally got 200 + sales. 

Over the last year I worked a lot (and collected a lot). I sewed like a bad ass turning out a couture dress (seen to your left) out of hand-me-downs AND constructed my first original pattern that will be (wearable and hot) available in my shop in no time.

Look behind me, just two weeks ago the garden was hidden by snow. I'm happy to put behind me yet another season of freezing vintage photo shoots.

I'm excited for the warm weather to bring some growth. So out with the old to make room for the new. This week, April 1st -April 8th (at midnight) my ENTIRE SHOP is 30% off! 

My main squeeze and I took a boat load of pictures today and I will be listing many new items starting at sale prices!  Nothing will be held back from the sale. 

Check out my Vintage Dresses...

Last minute Prom!
Professionally Gift Wrapped Dress

Marshmallow Peep Show Dress

Structured Dance-A-Thon Dress 
One thing hasn't changed and wont change I want to make you look good and feel happy with your purchase. Happy shopping and don't forget, you deserve it! 
x o x o

T  H  E     B  A  D     T  W   I   N

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Future of Vintage

I found this deep inside a walk in closet at an estate sale. You had to enter the walk in closet through the bathroom. Smack in the middle of the bathroom was a red claw foot tub, it was outrageous.

The wardrobe held only a few vintage pieces. I was drawn to the gold material and had to own it when I saw the shorts...

H O T   P A N T S !

When I say 'own' it that's not really the truth. Foster parent is more like it. Under my care this singlet got a good soak, minor mending and some play time!

I love to play dress up and this piece was a dream to model. Looks so good you can look beyond my dimpled thighs.

When I listed this at The Bad Twin Vintage it got a lot of immediate attention. I got best offers and pleas for discounts. I held out. Fresh, unique and rare I knew it was bringing traffic to my shop.

There was no doubt that I found it's perfect permanent home when Marty bought this. Ok, ok, she bought it, it had a new home whether I liked it or not but a note came along with her purchase. She asked if she could convince me to overnight it. I love a girl who knows what she wants and Marty wanted these hot pants ASAP.  She then complemented me on such a rad find. I was sure that I had made an excellent match. 

The next day I had this golden gem in the mail on it's way to a new life in Montana with Marty. I was a proud mama, I knew the future for this vintage piece was bright. As the temporary guardian for these garments I break all ties after I ship it away. I always remind my customers to give me their feedback after they get their purchases but I rarely get it. So when Marty messaged me after she opened her package telling me how happy she was I had to ask for pictures of her rocking this one-of-a-kind item. Did Marty have a special occasion that warranted gold hot pants? Was this for a performance? 

Her reply couldn't have had a happier ending for the gold hot pants, 
"Haha. No occasion! Well... The occasion was --- its FRIDAY! and we went to see Yonder Mountain String in concert... needless to say we turned some heads. We LOVE to dress up! I'm still trying to hunt down some more photos... we were to busy having fun to bust out the camera!"

Thank you so very much Marty! You have been a dream customer. You, and your friend, look amazing. The future of this vintage piece is a totally rad woman, time, and place. 

T H E   B A D   T  W I N 

P.S. Id like to give you all a heads up on my SPRING SALE >> 30% off the entire shop from April 1st-April 8th at midnight. 

P.P.S. Marty, for you being, well, you, I'd like to offer you 50% off of any one item in the shop (for the duration of the sale). 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

When Doves Cry

Sometimes dreams come true. 

This sweet dream started over a year ago when I began to see a different side of a man I knew well. He reached out to invite me to join him and a bottle of single malt scotch which he thought he would drink alone. Our long term acquaintance fueled a conversation that lasted all night long. 

We sat closer than we ever had before. 

He knew before I did. He took my hand and took me on plenty of adventures. Our dates weren't out of the ordinary but our experience was. When I followed suit we began to write a love story that only happens in fairy tales. He treats me like a princess. I treat him like my Prince. 

His musical follies have had me hypnotized since day one. He's got a God given talent, the kind that fervently sings from deep inside of you through past lives and the blessings of  players whom have passed...

and THE one that is formally known as...

Through a collaboration he finds himself in Milan playing avant garde versions of Prince songs. I was super lucky to see the only State-side performance. The band was amazing. They played for a packed room and had the audience on the edge of their seats awaiting each song. I mean who isn't a Price super fan (hands down best Super Bowl Half Time Act EVER.)

He left for Milan on the 15th, the day after our second Valentines Day together. Neither of us have particularly cared for this holiday in the past but now we never pass up an opportunity to show each other how much we love one another. We handmade our Valentines this year. He crafted me a flower out of love poems he penned and folded into paper airplanes. 

 I made him a Prince ruffle shirt for his Prince inspired gig. 
 I googled "prince ruffle shirt" and I used the the first image for my inspiration. 

Hello you Sexy M.F.

 I started with a plain white button up shirt. 

Raided my stock pile of fabric for something white and found this perfect eyelet material. 

commitment cut 

I added a new collar, layers of chest ruffles, and even more ruffles to the cuffs. 

Here's my well-shirted Prince with a red leather blazer. 

 While I know he's properly dressed for Milan I know I sure miss him. 
Nothing compares 2 U. Make me proud! 


T  h   e       B   a   d       T   w   i   n  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Woodshed is the stuff dreams are made of.

Thank you Danny O for the conception of this one-of-a-kind festival and the opportunity to be a participant. 

Thank you MCLA's Gallery 51 for hosting this amazing collaboration between gallery and artist.

In preparation the gallery's long room was sectioned into 30 individual studios and the walls were made bare. 

The gallery became our jam space and we brought our instruments.

Even before the opening sentiments were uttered those artists who had settled in began to work and the room began to sing. 

The gallery remained open to the public and the installation became our technique, process, and work ethic.

 Posted work hours were from 10am to 10pm yet some of us had a feverish drive to work until daybreak, living together in a multilevel condo steps from the gallery's door it was easy to keep each other refueled.  Together we kept the pace. The only competition is yourself. became my own challenger. I dared to break self imposed limitations. There is only one rule; collage. My interpretation of this theme has been diverse, from sex pillows to quilting but I have always brought my sewing machine. 

Jennifer Huberdau writes for The Boston Globe and asked me a few questions while in the Woodshed. Here's an excerpt from the article, 
Maggie Hunt, a Boston artist in the event for her third time, said her past experiences inspired her to learn to sew. ‘‘I definitely could not sew four years ago,’’ she said, while working on two dress designs. ‘‘When I was here two years ago, I was making quilts. After that, I asked myself why I was making quilts, when I could be making my own clothes. Now I can make my own patterns and my own clothes.’’ 
My growth as seamstress has been spurred by two things. Woodshed and dresses. I ambitiously planned to collage an entire winter fashion  line from found articles of clothing. I focused on finishing my two favorite designs.

My first goal made my first original pattern wearable; a hooded tube dress with an over sized kangaroo pocket, raglan sleeves, and details inspired by this varsity sweater I have in my own closet. 

I collected sweatshirts from thrift stores and the closets of my friends and pieced them together to fit my pattern pieces. 

My next goal was to create a dynamic dress from a hand-me-down Jones New York tweed jacket.

Here is the Jones New York tweed jacket with velvet collar shown in it's original form and in mid-process with pins, chalk, and some washi tape for marking. These velvet Versace pants lost their luster when the velvet began to peel off and I gained some confidence cutting them apart. Once the first cut was made it was easy to snip the lattice work off of an existing dress.  

I designed a paneled dress to lend itself to the collage of my found materials. 

My fervent will to create did not die after our curator's deadline passed. I continued with one last project, a skirt, so I could dress myself in art for the opening night.

Look how cute we are! My bff Jen enjoyed modeling my sweatshirt dress and I wore my last minute skirt. This was one of the proudest moments in my life. 

The day of the opening I set up camp in the kitchen of our rented condo and deconstructed and reassembled two skirts and a tee shirt without a reserve.

I cut the waist band and pockets off off an intensely green colored suede skirt with a wonderful pattern.
I sewed sections of a graphic tee shirt within the pleats of a deep blue wool skirt. The tee shirt had an image of a woman doing yoga at the summit of a mountain. The skirt's movement revealed the spliced image, peek-a-boo!


The gallery was packed opening night. It was a honor to see the audience reaction because I knew the artists and the evolution of each piece.
My dress seems to be playing the cardboard harp replica

Can you see my mangled fingers? My eyes focus on me proudly discussing my show piece with a woman at the opening.  

I could have never done this alone in my sewing room. I would have had to stop for food for thought, check on status updates and question both my ability and my ideas. The marathon of Woodshed encourages me to pace myself and cross the finish line. Since I started sewing I've been terrified to cut anything apart. My fear of deconstruction was less than my fear of going belly up with this project allowing my real time creativity to do double time. Now I just hope this dress can keep up with me! 

X O X O X O 

T H E   B A D   T W I N 

p.s. I made the fringe belt too! A found a leather skirt sliced up.